Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big Changes- Some Good, Some Not

Just like taking off a bandage, I am going to tell you about the cruddy stuff and then leave you with the good stuff.
I got "let go" from the job I loved so much. The reasoning behind it is that I had too many complaints. A good portion of those issues were not my doing or misunderstandings and should have been taken care of and resolved by the district manager (apparently they were not). I was not the only one "let go", they also axed the top performer in the district and a couple other girls too.

Now for the good news! My brother Jeremiah got his mission call to Guatemala City, Guatemala. He just went through the temple fr the first time last Saturday. At that time my husband finished my father's temple work.
My Speech and Language Pathology classes have started and I absolutely love them.
My baby is now walking everywhere, we will have to get her shoes now. She also discovered she can whistle! My son used to whistle.
I just received alot of free preschool/kindergarten materials, so I am in the process of converting the playroom into a preschool room.

I almost forgot the biggest thing! We have a new addition to our family! Her name is Miley. She is a white-ish Labradoodle (Labrador/Poodle). She has green eyes. She was a puppy mill rescue at 3-months old and was adopted by a family that recently went through a divorce. That is how she came to be part of our family!


Christina said...

Sorry, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah and that's great! Sounds like things are always hopping at your house. Good luck with all the new stuff, especially school!

Mom said...

Just by the knowledge that others were let go too, the company must be going through some financial hardships. Do not beat yourself up about this. You are an outstanding photographer and need to persue this more. Some companies think they need to give you a negative reason to let you go . . .even when it is not your doing. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I am partial too You are my favorite daughter! :) Love ya! Mom